Why Give Digitally?

People have been saying this for years, but we’re living in a digital age. Information travels around the world quickly because it travels around the world digitally. Videos are captured digitally and immediately uploaded to YouTube. Paying bills online is now a common occurrence, increasing tenfold in the last decade. It’s time for our church to embrace digital giving.  Here are some reasons why:

  • We are living in a cashless society. If you are eating out today, how will you pay? More than likely with a debit card. Because of the proliferation of credit and debit cards, a large percentage of people who attend church services don’t have cash or checks with them.

  • Recurring online gifts create consistency.

  • You can give 24/7, not just during church services. More opportunities to contribute to the mission and vision of our church. Give when your are sick or out of town.

  • We depend on weekly contributions to keep the church running.

  • Digital giving helps you become disciplined givers. In 1 Corinthians 8-9, Paul challenged the Corinthian believers to give intentionally, deliberately, and at a pre-determined time. Digital giving helps you be intentional with your generosity.

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